Ticket allocation systems

Ticket allocation systems

Increasing intensity of competition causes huge problems for many ticket allocation systems. They suffer from lack of flexibility to cover the needs of new entrances, moving portions of ticket share etc. Initiating projects to improve the allocation systems is normally not an issue for the parties. But agreeing on concrete rules and mechanisms is always a challenge, sometimes felt to be a nightmare. This is partly caused by disadvantages for particular players, but partly caused by the more general question of how to fund public transport.

TransFer Solution manages the process of creating a new allocation systems, prepares and coordinates the decision making process in a way, that the players do not miss the general goal. The projects shall not become „never ending stories“.

Portfolio of TransFer Solution

  • Analysis of current status
  • Development of target structures
  • Projectmanagement
  • Moderation
  • Strategical and tactical advise in ongoing projects and negotiations