Passenger surveys

Passenger surveys

Despite all up-to-date sales systems passenger countings and surveys are still playing a significant role in exploring the right revenues because of their impact on profits of each entity. So market players focus on quality and results of each counting and survey immediately. It is common experience, that countings and surveys do very often not deliver the expected results, although a number of requirements on statistic quality.

So it is vital for achieving reliable data and acceptance of any survey, that already when preparing a survey, but also during such a fieldwork a number of acitivities is necessary to guarantee the requested qualities. Transfer-Solution is aware of all the problems, but also chances of surveys. We support our customers in creating reality proven bidding documents, quality securing methods but also analysing data and evaluating results.

Portfolio of TransFer Solution

  • Preparation of tender documents for surveys
  • Analysis of bids
  • Quality control during/after fieldwork
  • Datamangement
  • Analysis of data and results