Rolling stock

Rolling stock

Rail is a widely technicallly driven business. Rolling stock and its condition is a significant part of each rail organisation. Not only regarding the impact on the operation itself, but also regarding cost structures. To optimise maintenance expenditures is one important issue. To make rolling stock available even on the long run then makes the challenge.

Minimising maintenance costs may cause severe problems up to withdrawing the licence to run this rolling stock. When constructing, refurbishing or just maintaining trains completely different tasks can create significant issues: achieving licences, not hitting timelines, budgets and basic issues in terms of engineering may increase complexity, that can stop any progress.

Transfer Solution supports in maintaining the value of rolling stock by optimising availability and costs. The basis for this the sound expertise in operating rail rolling stock.

Portfolio of TransFer Solution

  • Maintenance concepts/-optimisation
  • Audits/acceptance of maintenance services
  • Support in refurbishing rolling stock
  • Audits/checks of rolling stock deliveries
  • Support in ECM
  • Support in achieving licences for rolling stock