Strategy & Business Development

Markets are changing fast and radical.  Well prepared strategies are the basis for long-lasting success, they give room for flexibility in daily business. They strenghten excellence and support in minimising weaknesses.

Before setting-up a new srategy it is mandatory to analyse the relevant markets, chances and threads.

Business development transforms a strategy into concret projects either in already existing or new businesses.

Market- and competitoranalysis

Starting point for each kind of strategy development is an intensive analysis. It is not only about the own company, but also competitors, overall market and global developments. Strenghts as well as weaknesses, challenges, chances and risks get highlighted, answers on particular issues will be given.

TransFer Soltuion uses secondary data, but is also capable to manage research work.Results will be analysed and presented in a form, that responsibles have a sound basis for their decisions.

Portfolio of TransFer Solution

  • Sesondary data research
  • Market research/surveys
  • Data analysis
  • Portfolio analysis and scenario techniques
  • Strategy workshops for structuring areas to look at

Tender projects

Public transport is changing: whilst in the past most services were handed over directly to operators, the majority of transport services is tendered today. The reasons are not only legal, but also commercial. Competition challenges the operators, which might understand competition as a threat, but also as chance.

The task is, to prepare the own organisation for competition; it is vital to find a strategy, that delivers competitive advantages against others. But even in ongoing tender projects it is important to keep them managed: bids tend to become complex in legal, but also financial terms. TransFer Solution supports in covering those needs.

Bid pipelines are given by public authorities, so operators have no chance to influence the timeline of bids. This is a severe challenge, as operators normally do not have sufficient capacities to work on all relevant tender projects. Viceversa it would overburd companies to hold such capacities available even if no bids are in the pipeline. External advice is the way out of this dilemma.

The comprehensive expertise of TransFer Solution delivers siginificant benefit for your projects. The long record of successfull and won bids underpins this.

Portfolio of TransFer Solution

  • Overall project management
  • Resolving particular tasks
  • Concepts
  • Business modelling
  • Passenger income forecasts
  • Networking with PTAs

Optimising ongoing business processes

Developing new businesses is one issue. Keeping them successful is another task. Due to constand changes of market and other conditions reality normally differs significantly from business cases. Even when upcoming problems get resolved for the short-term, these solutions may create new, somtetimes even more severe problems. Identifying issues and creating sustainable solutions is one of our core competencies.

The impartial view of an external makes it easier to identify problems, but also improvement potentials. TransFer Solution offers this kind of independancy.

Portfolio of TransFer Solution

  • Optimising revenues
  • Optimising costs
  • Optimising business processes