The heads of TransFer Solution

Marc Schweren

The founder of TransFer Solution Marc Schweren is working successfully in the public transport sector for more than ten years now. He focuses on commercial issues which he was responsible for in managing positions of several operators. He is widely experienced in strategic, but also operational management.

Core areas are financials, funding, tariff/sales but also ICT. He also had a relevant role in preparing successfull and winning bids. Due to his long record in working for international groups his English is fluent. Additionally he is qualified to play the role as manager operations due to BOKraft/Verkehrsleiter VO(EG) 1071/2009.

M: +49 179 4563 921
E: schweren@transfer-solution.de


Ralf Hermkes

Ralf Hermkes stands for decades of experience in rail operation and rolling stock. He is certified as „Eisenbahnbetriebsleiter“ and so offering know-how in operating railways safely, but also efficiently and sustainably. He has also plenty of experience in constructing, homologating and maintaining rolling stock.

With this knowledge he managed numerous complex rolling stock and operational projects in the past.

M: +49 171 2324 438
E: hermkes@transfer-solution.de


Bernhard Weinstein

Bernhard Weinstein, a cooperation-partner of TransFer Solution, has a long track record as HR manager and labour director of public transport and other public services operator. Based on his comprehensive expertise as lawyer and labour director he supports in individual and collective labour law as well as transfers of businesses. He is well experienced in systemic organisational development, choaches managers and has been part of mobilisation and overall change processes. He was member of tariff commissions and managed negotations with unions.

WHe is member of Mobifair e.V., Zukunft Plus e.V. and group „Ethiks of management“.

M: +49 152 5615 7275
E: weinstein@transfer-solution.de


Management expertise

We are pragmatic, not only theorists. We deeply know the transport sector for more than a decade. We have wide range of experiences in managing operators in terms of strategy and daily business. This makes the difference, we know how to create success even in day-to-day-work.

As important as what to do is HOW to do. Managing people, teams in the right way is vital for delivering benefit to an organisation although changing structures. We understand people, we motivate people to understand changes and challenges as a chance, not as a thread.


Independancy is the top priority of TransFer Solution. It guarantees you the important neutral view onto our clients’ tasks. And it enables us to come with fresh ideas for our clients’ challenges.

TransFer Solution is managed by the owners, has no links to any player of the industry so is absolutely neutral to every client.


Change processes are very often complex in a way, that only cooperation of real experts deliver the expected results. TransFer Solution can therefore get hold of external proffessional partners for highly specialised tasks.

The range of partners covers areas like legal, marketing, tourism, market research and others. So TransFer Solution offers one-stopp proffessional advise, time-intensive control of different advisors by the clients can be avoided.